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Rooibos Tea is enjoyed in countries all over the world. Namaqua Rooibos Farm produces and exports Rooibos Tea plants to food distributors all over the globe.


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Namaqua Rooibos

Namaqualand is well known all over the world for its vast amount of natural floral beauty. Tourists from all over flock to the west of South Africa to come and see the array of different colors of the flowers.

The climate in the southern part of Namaqualand is also favorable for the production of the well known Rooibos Tea plants. Rooibos Tea is a natural product with many health benefits and is indigenous to the west of South Africa. Namaqua Rooibos supplies Rooibos Tea bales in large quantities to food manufacturers all over the world.

Our Story

We are committed to sustainable farming, producing Rooibos in a biodiverse region.

The Farm

Elevated more than 800m, the climate on the farm is favourable for Rooibos production.

Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

Filled with oxidants, Rooibos has numerous health benefits for the consumer.

Rooibos health benefits

Health Benefits of Rooibos


Anti Ageing

Promotes Heart Health

100% Caffeine Free

High in Vitamin C

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