Namaqua Rooibos


Brings you exciting new Rooibos Tea Flavours from Namaqualand, where the climate is perfect for producing outstanding, quality Rooibos Tea.

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Namaqua Rooibos

Namaqualand is well known all over the world for its vast amount of natural floral beauty. Tourists from all over flock to the west of South Africa to come and see the array of different colors of the flowers.

The climate in the southern part of Namaqualand is also favorable for the production of the well known Rooibos Tea plants. Rooibos Tea is a natural product with many health benefits and is indigenous to the west of South Africa. Namaqua Rooibos supplies Rooibos Tea to the end user, retail outlets and export bales in large quantities to food manufacturers all over the world.

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